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February 3rd 2015 - Nordair just agreed to purchase a large 757/A320 consumable package from a large airline in Eastern Europe.   Parts should be in by End of June!

August 20th 2014 - Summer is over and school has started.   Now is the time to get your aircrafts in for repair and we are ready to assist you in your parts requirements.  We finished unpacking the RB211 consumable inventory from Qantas and it's ready to go!

May 2nd 2014 - We are just unpacking the A330/A340 inventory.   Keep the rfq's coming!

January 20th 2014 -  Nordair just agreed to purchase a large RB211 consumable package from Qantas.  Parts should be in house by mid-May.   Also, we just took in another 1000 line items of 737/757/767/A320 with trace to various leasing companies/mfg's.   New Year, new parts, new opportunities!!


December 12th 2013 - Nordair just closed on a package deal on A330/A340 material from a major airline in central Europe.  Material should be in by end of January!!

December 2nd 2013 - Nordair just closed on a deal for B737 material from Belgium.  Should be in by Mid-January!!

August 1st 2013 - Nordair was founded on this day in 1983 by Karl Gudmundsson in Luxembourg.    Thank you to all our past and present employees, vendors and customers for 3 great decades in this industry.  We are looking forward to what the future will hold for us.

July 25th 2013 -  Two new inventories in stock, Boeing 737/747/767 and CFM material, over 2000 line items.   OEM paperwork on most all parts.  

January 15th 2013- We have the new B767 inventory in stock and on ILS/Partsbase!   Great deals to be had!

September 7th 2012 - Nordair USA just closed on a deal of B767 consumable material from Vietnam                                                                                                                           

April 20th 2012 - Nordair USA becomes a member of ASA

September 29th 2011 - Nordair USA just received in a large package of B757 EXP/CONS material with trace to 121 Operator

September 14th 2011 - We are on Facebook!!!  

July 11th 2011 - Nordair USA just closed on a deal of B737/757/767 EXP/CONS Inventory from Spain - Parts will in stock by mid August.  

February 18th 2011 - Nordair USA celebrates it's 20TH ANNIVERSARY - Special thanks to all our loyal customers and vendors.  Thank you for all your support throughout this time.

January 10th 2011- Nordair USA just closed on a deal of A320/B757/767 EXP/CONS Inventory from Spain -  Parts will be in stock by end of February

December 30th 2010- Relaunch of our new website - Happy New Year!!